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life of the aptigator


18 November
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i am a nerd.
"cut it out", alex greenwald, alex's skinnyness, animal planet, ap biology, art history, atp, atrium school, bass, being a superhero, being awesome, ben kweller, biology, bowling, breakfast, calculus, campbell's biology fifth edition, chamber music, cheese, children's books, chocolate, chocolate ice cream, christmas, coffee, crayons, crosswalks, dance dance revolution, ddr, ddrmax2, discordianism, double-lobster red, dvorak, e.o. wilson, eggcrate mattress pads, electric candles, electric violin, endocrinology, english breakfast tea, flumps, gmp, grape island, gustation, harmony, harvey danger, homestarrunner.com, honey bunches of oats, hyphenated names, inventeam, italian high renaissance painting, jacques brautbar, jeff corwin, la ley, labs, laughing, leaf-cutter ants, little brothers, mannerism, mess club, mr. bockler, mtvla, nalgene bottles, northern renaissance painting, noyes house, of montreal, okgo, ozma, penguins, phallic sheep tower, phantom planet, pilates dvds, pipetting, pizza, plastilina mosh, playmobil, psychic phone sense, psychology, puffins cereal, puppies, radiohead, renaissance painting, rivers cuomo, rivers nobel, rubber duckies, rubber froggies, scrolling, sensory biology, sexy carrootts, sha sha, singing in the car, sleeping, slumber parties, snow, spoon, stripey socks, supervelcro, tea, the apples in stereo, the beatles, the bends, the deptford trilogy, the hives, the long winters, the met, the mfa, the shins, the starlight mints, toes, toothpastefordinner, twizzlers, undaunted courage, vassar, viola, violin, wackbirdians, weezer, wilco