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Well, I figured since I'm almost done here at Vassar, I might as well post one more time. I finished finals yesterday. Poor performance on advanced organic chem, I think, but that's alright.

In a couple of weeks Adam and I are getting on a plane to San Francisco to find an apartment. We'll be back by the end of June, and then we'll spend the month of July packing up the car and driving allll the way across the country, starting from Boston. Of course we can't just stay out there once we've moved: we are flying back again for my cousin's wedding in DC August, and then getting on a plane yet again to go home (!) to San Francisco, where I will start my Ph.D. work in the Tetrad program at UCSF. I'll be working on that damn Ph.D. for about 6 or 7 years, so if you are on the West Coast any time in the foreseeable future, come and visit me in SF.

I really couldn't be more excited about this move. San Francisco is probably my favorite in the world, and I'll be close to the West Coast contingent of my family, who I love but who I have seen only once every few years for most of my life. I'm ready for a big change. I will, however, actually miss Vassar quite a lot, in particular the large amount of music- and art-related things I've been able to do here. I'm looking for an orchestra to try out for and I'm certainly going to try to put together a casual chamber music group, but I may have to wait until after my first year, after I've figured out what this grad school thing is all about.

While I am sad to leave Vassar, I think I got a lot out of my time here, both in and out of class, and I'm ready for something new. I'm trying not to get too nostalgic or teary, because neither will stop the inevitable, and both will probably make it more difficult. I know that the friendships that are really important will persist even if we're far apart. I'm bringing the most important part of my Vassar life with me (Adam) and hopefully I can convince lots of other people to end up in SF as well. Move to SF! This means YOU!

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The House of Seven Milks has a home!

TH A6 is where we will be next year. If you are a Vassar person and you will be here next year, come and visit us. We promise to host costume parties and have a REALLY F-ING COOL HOUSE.

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what are YOU doing at 10 am on a sunday morning?

i'm going to a biochemistry midterm! i bet none of you are having this much fun bright and early on a sunday!

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In case anyone was curious about my INSANELY CRAZY BUSY life, here is what I did today.

8 am: haul sleepy ass out of bed, shower, etc.
9 am: quartet rehearsal (Brahms, Faure)
10 am: read for afternoon seminars (SO MUCH READING)
12:45 pm: run to class, grab express lunch on the way
1 pm: Plant/animal interactions seminar
3:10 pm: Japanese Print seminar
5:15 pm: rushed dinner in the retreat
6 pm: head to New Paltz to get in some climbing time at the Inner Wall
9 pm: house team meeting
9:30 pm: go to Retreat for second dinner
10:30 pm: shower
11 pm: waste time, procrastinate
12 am: decide to eat banana, put banana on desk chair
12:01 am: sit down, wonder what that squishy thing under my butt is
12:01.05 am: realize I've sat on the banana
12:02 am: eat banana anyway

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Today one of my biology 106 students told me that I'm going to make a really good teacher.

It is so, so gratifying to hear that: I am on the right track in my life.


summer 2007: get a head start on thesis research
fall 2007: write awesome thesis about minispindles in Drosophila
spring 2008: graduate from Vassar with a biology major and art history minor
2008-?: live and work near Poughkeepsie, apply to cell biology graduate programs
?-?: get Ph.D.!
?-?: teach high school biology and art history

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Success!! I just changed my new earring (a second hole on the left lobe, pierced last September) with very little frustration and no pain at all. I put in one of the tiny silver hoops that I used to wear in my first holes, and I'm quite pleased at how it looks next to my fancy blue-bead dangly earrings.

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It appears that this semester is going to kick a lot of ass, including mine.

Yesterday I had Plant/Animal Interactions, a 2 hour twice-weekly biology seminar, directly followed by The Japanese Print, a 2 hour once-weekly art history seminar. It felt really good to get back into thinking, and to feel good about my abilities as a student of biology and of art history. Both classes will be partially student-led and discussion-heavy. There is absolutely no room for slacking on the reading, at all. k

In a few minutes I'll go back out into the cold (6 degrees! My hair froze this morning!), to biochemistry (by far the largest biology class I've ever had at Vassar), and this afternoon I will spend some quality time with lil moonz. After dinner and reading and talking etc. with both Lilys last night, I am thoroughly excited for next year's living situation.

Also, it's possible that I'm going to be making a webcomic, of sorts. It won't be too elaborate - just small doodles and possibly some collage, updated weekly or so. Details will follow, if I actually commit to doing this.

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i hate posting about grades, but...

WTF calculus?!? i thought i would barely scrape a C in that class! i can see a few possible scenarios:

1. i did really well on the final (not likely)
2. i didn't do too well on the final, but everyone else did much worse (possible)
3. dorsey liked my reasoning so much on a problem on the final that he decided to ignore all my other grades in the class (NOT likely)
4. my second test saved me (possible)

it was probably a combination of 2 and 4. regardless, i am SO relieved.


Happy New Year!

I spent the day and evening in the best of company. I adore you all. It's been a lovely year and 2007 promises to be just as good, if not better!

and i am still tipsssyyyyy oh my. good night!